↬ Cardio exercises:

➠ One of the most important l large-scale exercises is cardio, which requires high effort and agility; it raises the heart rate for a rather long time and is, therefore, one of the best exercises for the human body.

➠ Cardio exercises mainly depend on burning oxygen and blood sugar in the body to produce energy, and therefore they are one of the most important exercises that are practised to lose weight and burn fat.

↬ Cardio exercises benefits:

• Improving and revitalizing the blood circulation in the body, thus delivering nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body and eliminating metabolic waste. 

• Help relieve stress and improve mood and emotional well-being. 

• Effectively burning fat and calories 

• Strengthening the muscles responsible for breathing (the lungs and heart). 

• Reducing the incidence of chronic diseases, the most important of which is stress, diabetes, arterial and cardiovascular disease 

• Help increase attention and focus, and boost mental abilities.

•Show muscle and build muscle mass., And four-dimensional body sculpting 

• Get rid of laziness.

• Eliminate the cholesterol deposited on the arteries, and increase the beneficial cholesterol level in the body, thus protecting against heart disease.

• Blood sugar balance, which prevents diabetes. 

↬ Examples of cardio exercises:

↣ Walking exercises:

It is the most widely used exercise because it is easy to perform and effective in fats burning. It is appropriate for all age groups as well as pregnant women. This exercise can be performed in any preferred or comfortable place. It should be noted that walking burn calories equivalent to 300 calories or more.

↣ Jumping rope exercises:

It is one of the oldest exercises, one of the most important jumping rope benefits is that it is a powerful exercise in burning fat, stimulating the body, providing energy to the body, it burns 1,200 calories per hour, has the advantage of moving all of the body's muscles, most importantly the heart muscle. Jumping on a rope can be practised, for example by a simple number of warm-up, then gradually increasing the number with time off.

↣ Stairs climbing exercises:

It is somewhat similar to strength exercises in terms of its positive effect in strengthening the bones and muscles that are used, so the stair climbing exercise, whether in the gym or on the real stairs, are exercises that strengthen the thighs and back muscles and help to tighten them.
It also burns good calories for the purpose of getting rid of extra weight, it is better to exercise three times a week or five times depending on the goal of the exercise, if the goal was to burn fat and calories, so it must be practised five times per week for twenty minutes.

↣ Swimming exercises:

Is a sport that is useful for losing weight and for strengthening the heart and body muscles, such as the arms and back muscles. It is good for burning a high percentage of calories in the whole body, because swimming practitioners are making efforts using all the muscles in the body.

↣ Climbing exercises:

It helps to remove leg and buttocks fat and to burn fat accumulated on the abdomen; This exercise must be carried out every two minutes, then rest.

↣ Cycling exercises:

It helps burn fat from the abdomen, buttocks and legs, and this is because it helps to exert effort on these muscles, which helps burn fat more, as it reduces about 300 calories from weight.

↣ Running exercises:

Constant running in the place or running in the spaces helps to get rid of the accumulated fat in the body and both types of running burns more calories than walking. If you are practising running constantly in the place then the minimum duration of 10 to 20 minutes, and if running in spaces then practice it for 10 minutes in the beginning and then increase the distance and duration per week.

Cardio exercises at home:

↣ Squat exercises:

It is one of the most important exercises focused on by the world's best trainers, as it moves all the muscles in the body, concentrates on the muscles in the thighs, the muscles in the legs and the muscles in the rear, as well as the muscles in the abdomen and back, this exercise can strain muscles and then strengthen them.

 High knees exercise:

It's an effective cardio exercise to raise heartbeats, strengthens all your leg muscles, improve your blood circulation and improves momentum, coordination and flexibility.
you need to do a quick warm-up for five minutes from this exercise before you start another cardio exercise.

 Push-ups exercise:

Can't talk about cardio class without a series of chest exercises, Even though it's popular, a lot of people don't do it. 
It is useful for building upper body strength. They work on the triceps, chest and shoulders.

 Mountain climbing exercise:

This is one of the most common heart exercises. This exercise is a very advanced and intense exercise that increases the heart rate, accelerates metabolism, and helps build more leg strength and improved mobility.

 Jumping jacks exercise:

This exercise targets all muscle groups and improves cardiovascular health.

This exercise works on the biceps, back, shoulders, and legs. It also burns calories and increases your heart rate.

↬ Tips when practising cardio exercises:

  • Do warm-up exercises, to avoid muscle cramps.
  • Sneakers are preferable to reduce the chance of injury.
  • Follow a healthy diet that contains all the nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. 
  • Stay away from soft drinks.
  • Don not eat a lot of food, and distribute your meals over 5 meals, to reduce the amount of food you eat once.