➣ Yoga during pregnancy is magical for the pregnant woman and fetus.

➣ Yoga is considered to be a good way to pump blood into the heart, as well as to increase muscle strength and vitality. But few know the great value of yoga to a pregnant woman.

⏩ Benefits of yoga to a pregnant woman:

➧ Preserve the body's shape and keep it in good condition.

➧ Pumping blood as required.

➧ Reduce stress, avoid feeling overly reactive during pregnancy, and often gain a calm reaction because it makes the nerves relax.

➧ Strengthening the muscles in the body and increasing the feeling of vitality.

➧ The pelvic muscles gain strength and stretch, thereby increasing softness and supporting the body's rigidity and increase endurance. 

➧ It increases the expansion of blood vessels and reduces back pain before and after birth. 

➧ Develop the mother's heart and thus help to meet the daily burden; Because not only is it a physical sport, but it maintains a balanced metabolism, which helps to relax the body.

➧ Fear, stress and pain during childbirth are reduced by meditation and deep breathing exercises.

➧ The abdomen and lower back muscles are strengthened and tightened, and the mother gets her proper postpartum posture back after delivery.

➧ Through their daily and regular practice, the spiritual, physical and mental ties between the mother and her child develop in the process of labour, the child is encouraged to take the best delivery position, the woman's body is free of pressure and the mother is, therefore, more willing to push during childbirth.

⏩ Tips before starting yoga exercises:

  • Consult a specialist doctor, especially if the woman has had previous miscarriages, or if she has health problems before pregnancy.
  • Choose a well-qualified trainer, and inquire if pregnant women have been trained by the trainer in advance.
  • Not exaggerating fatigue or making sudden and rapid movements, due to low blood pressure during pregnancy. 
  • Avoid eating foods and drinks before starting exercises. 
  • Avoid deep twisting and full turnover during pregnancy. 
  • Avoid standing for long hours or over warm-up, because the baby can't regulate his body temperature, so you have to do it for him.
  • Talk to your doctor about hours of practice.

⏩ Suitable months to practice yoga:

Most doctors maintained that yoga throughout pregnancy was beneficial: in the early months it served to strengthen muscles and relax, and in recent months it widened the opening of the pelvis, enabling women to give birth.

⏩ Appropriate yoga poses for pregnant women:

➜Cat-Cow pose: 

Basing your feet and hands on the floor with a five-time climb. It is good for muscle and spine enhancement, it is good for all stages of pregnancy, it continually strengthens abdominal muscles, allowing blood and fluid to pass through your body, it helps to soothe your mind, it prevents morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms, and you must do it at least five times a day to get the best results.

➜Warrior pose: 

This technique is fantastic for leg strengthening as well as spine lengthening, although a little difficult, it helps to ease back pain during pregnancy.

➜Bridge pose: 

Lie on your back and put your palms under your body with a little lift from the ground, and this helps normal childbirth and reduces back pains.

➜Uterine dilation pose:

Sit down, fold your knees under you, then straighten your back and stay like this for at least 10 minutes. This position expands the uterus

➜Child pose: 

Lie on the ground on your belly, but do not let it touch the ground, put your palms under your face and continue for 15 minutes. This is comfortable, safe and very useful to find comfort and peace and to be free of anxiety.

➜Seating pose: 

Sit on the chair with your back straight, put your hand over your head and remain so for 10 minutes.

➜Sleep with foot folds pose: 

Lie back with a little fold on your belly for five minutes, then switch the second foot afterwards.

➜Sleeping pose: 

Stretch your back to the ground, put your hands under your head, close your eyes with full-body tension and remain so for 15 minutes a day.