Squat exercises:

➠Is one of the most important exercises practised by athletes, and it is one of the best exercises for weight lifters, bodybuilders and athletes women, this exercise strengthens all the muscles of the body.
It is also one of the most important exercises focused on by the world's best trainers, as it moves all the muscles in the body, concentrates on the muscles in the thighs, the muscles in the legs and the muscles in the rear, as well as the muscles in the abdomen and back, this exercise can strain muscles and then strengthen them.

➠One of the fastest exercises in giving good results, especially buttocks, reduces the amount of cellulite concentrated in this area and tights the buttocks, which makes it one of the best exercises for women for a tight and consistent texture, it also gives them fresh, healthy skin.

➠When practising squat, changes in the size of the thighs and the buttocks will appear to be evident, but this exercise must be done well to avoid problems both in the knees and in the spine.

Although these exercises are difficult in the first days, as you continue the exercises for about a month, it will become easier and more comfortable.

➻ Warnings before starting  squat exercises:

• Be sure to do some warm-up and stretching exercises long enough to avoid muscle damage. 

• Care should be taken to use appropriate weights and avoid heavyweights at the beginning of doing this exercise, and these weights can be increased gradually. 

• You should focus on back erection throughout the exercise period to avoid any harm in it.

In case it's hard for you to keep your back erect, it's good to use some special corsets that protect your back and keep it erect.

• It is important to focus on keeping the angle of descent between the ankles and the rear between 60-70 degrees. 

➻ The benefits of squat exercises:

Squat exercise softens the muscles of the knees, and this exercise keeps the knees from any harm they may suffer in the future. 

These exercises burn about seventy calories per muscle, meaning that these exercises burn about five hundred calories in all the muscles of the body.

These exercises protect you from exposure to certain diseases such as osteoporosis.

It gives the body a consistent and tight shape. 

This exercise trains the most important muscle in charge of strength and stamina, the pelvic muscles.

It prevents back pain due to strengthening the abdominal muscles, pelvis, and legs attached to the lower back.

Get rid of negative energy and give you psychological comfort and happiness.

Helps stimulate blood circulation, and consequently the regulation of the heart rate, and improve the work of the blood vessels. 

➻ How to do squat exercises for beginners:

The basic method of this type of exercise depends on standing upright and taking into account the straightness of the back and feet, taking care not to keep the feet sticking together and leaving an appropriate distance between them while extending them slightly, then extending the arms and tightening them forward, and take care of your breathing to facilitate the exercise, after that the sitting position is taken so that the weight of the entire body is on the thighs and back, and these steps are repeated fifty times per round at the beginning, then this can be increased gradually.

Additional exercise movements:

It is also possible to add some movements that increase the effectiveness and diversity of the exercise, such as:
  • Lay hands behind the head from the top, take a sitting position, and then try to jump. 
  • Raising the right foot, pushing the thighs back, and lowering the body to the maximum, then returning the body to the starting position, and so on. 
  • Squat exercise with some weights and arms extended either backward, upward, or even forward. 

➻ Squat exercises disadvantages:

The squat is a safe sport but causes back and knee pain if it is practised incorrectly, as the practice of a half-squat exercise increases the pressure on the legs, which causes knee pain and tension in the lower back chain, and to avoid the occurrence of pain, a gradual exercise in the squat should be done through a training program, the squat is a safe sport that does not cause a danger to the person when practising it correctly.