What does drinking water have to do with the virus?

Some social media posts have recommended that we keep the mouth moist and drink water every 15 minutes, as this will help eliminate the virus from the oesophagus and gastrointestinal acid, It's a very naive idea, and I can't even think about its validity.
The infection usually starts after exposure to thousands or millions of viral molecules, so drinking water to swallow some of them in the oesophagus will not have much effect, it is highly unlikely that a person will be able to swallow all viral molecules in the stomach... No research has been done to find that drinking water prevents coronavirus infection, so the advice is not science-based and remains a fragile theory.

Even the only study in this area was carried out 15 years ago.
this study said water gargling had a role in preventing respiratory infections. The researcher found that people who had gargled three times a day were reportedly less likely to develop respiratory symptoms than those who had used or had not used a disinfectant solution to gargle. However, that finding does not necessarily apply in the case of the novel coronavirus, and it is dangerous to assume that.

➣First, the study focused on the upper respiratory tract, comprising the sinuses, throat and upper airways, while the novel coronavirus also affected the lower respiratory tract and penetrated the chest and lungs.

Second, the study was limited and relied on symptoms reported by participants without being objectively examined.

➦Some may think that there is nothing wrong with the advice to drink every 15 minutes, but there is a real danger that it might give a false sense of confidence, which one believes is safe from illness if he does so without following reliable advice.

So far, most evidence suggests that it is best to avoid contact with people except in the most limited way and to wash hands more often......you can read more tips and prevention to protect yourself and others.

In fact, regular drinking helps the body greatly to maintain the balance of Body fluids, improves skin complexion, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins.....But the idea of preventing or killing coronavirus has less to do with drinking water than with the idea of immunity.

Such an increase in human immunity is capable of greatly overcoming any virus,
BUT how can I increase my immunity?
What are the symptoms of impaired immunity?
⇢you need to know all of this information so that you can defend your self against any virus.

➽Stay home➖Stay safe